Maintenance is the key to the longevity of your vehicle. Along with your basic oil lube & filter, we offer complete system flushes for your Fuel Injection, Power Steering, Cooling, Transmission, Brakes & Engine. 


      TUNE UPS


Tune ups are required much less frequently since the advent of platinum, double platinum & iridium plugs. The OEM recommendations on when to tune your vehicle push the limits in the real world.  Doing tune ups sooner extends the life of your engine & emissions system + reflects in fuel savings.  


   See us for your tune up needs & advice on when your next tune up should be performed! 


Servicing your vehicle keeps it dependable and running smooth for years to come. Vehicle components are being made lighter then ever to save fuel. This puts them under more stress then ever. We also live in an area which is considered severe due to summer heat, winter cold and hilly terrain. Pushing you car service interval leads to premature component failures.


   We are here to advise you on how often to service components & use quality lubricants & filters including synthetic blends & full synthetic.  


The 4 contact patches of your tires is what keeps your vehicle in control with the road. If your tires or suspension system is compromised, you run risk of losing control when you demand it most!


   Let us inspect your wheels and suspension system and give you a peace of mind that your vehicle will perform as it was designed to, keeping you and your family safe!